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Tai Chi

Tai Chi teaching (face to face and online): Tai Chi is an ‘internal’ martial art and exercise system which promotes robust health and flexibility. It focuses on mindful, slow practise, at the beginning stages and is suitable for all ages. We practise exercises to loosen your joints and hips, expand your lungs, work your muscles, and direct your mind. We cultivate balance, relaxation, coordination and looseness, leading to strength, resilience and robust health. Attendees must be mobile.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (or Tai Ji Quan) is a Chinese martial art based on the principle that softness overcomes hardness. When you are loose and relaxed, you can use your whole body in a unified way. Tai Chi involves meditation on movement, simultaneously developing balance, relaxation, coordination and looseness, as well as understanding, flexibility and resilience.

Classes involve learning warm-ups, breathing exercises (qi gong), the sequence of movements generally called 'the form' and push-hands, and are suitable for adults of any age and experience.

I teach Wu Tai Chi, as taught by Sifu Eddie Wu: Wu Chien Chuan Tai Chi Chuan

One of my training colleagues has put together an interesting website with some great links to videos and forms: Wu style website

*Please note that the majority of exercises in class are conducted standing; mobility is therefore required to take part.

Class Syllabus 

Beginners class
- Four principle stances
- Four principle looseness exercises
- Tai Chi walking
- Five elements meditation
- Standing meditation
- Tai Chi 108 Wu style hand form sequence
- 37 forms (the form movements practised individually)

Beginners Qi gong / Dao Yin
- Yin style Ba Gua 8 healing sounds
- Yin style Ba Gua 8 qi leading and guiding exercises
- Ba Duan Jin

Ongoing class
- Tai Chi 108 hand form refinement
- Tai Chi Sabre form
- Push hands

Qi gong / Dao Yin
- Tai Chi 24 forms
- Yin style Ba Gua 8 healing sounds
- Yin style Ba Gua 8 qi leading and guiding exercises
- Ba Duan Jin
- Five elements visualisation meditation

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (pronounced "chee gong") is a term for a huge range of Chinese exercises, traditionally focussed on the health, the martial or the spiritual.

I teach a range of exercises, some health-related, some more martial; all qi gong can contribute to overall robust health, with shifts in emphasis depending on the specific exercise. The exercises I teach are usually practised by coordinating the breath with movement.

As with any practice, the only way to learn and improve is gently, gradually and with respect and sensitivity for your body.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong: Location, Cost & Time

Location: Bents Green Methodist Church Junction of Knowle Lane and Ringinglow Road, S11 7PU

Every Thursday
Beginners' classes run 7pm to 8pm
Ongoing learners' classes run 7.50pm to 9pm

£7 per class

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please call me on 07538 065665, or send an email to join the class.

Online Classes

I am now offering online Tai Chi and Qi Gong (pronounced 'chee gong') classes. I am teaching a range of exercises, some calming and relaxing, others dynamic and energising. Practised correctly, they are all good for robust health, loosening and aligning your body.

The exercises I'm teaching online are suitable to practise in a limited space. .

Tai Chi "Meditation in motion"


Classes will comprise:
- Looseness exercises
- Qi gong
- breathing exercises (including several different sequences)
- 37 forms - learning some of the individual forms that make up the Tai Chi sequence
- The 12-step form, learning the 12-step Wu Tai Chi form sequence; this can be performed in a relatively limited space.

I will teach the exercises in a way appropriate to you, and in order to do so, I will need to find out whether you have any limitations to movement or any problems with balance. I will need you to complete a health declaration before joining the class.

I will offer opportunities to ask questions during the session.

Online Classes: Cost & Time

Costs - Online classes cost £10 per person and last 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Classes will have a maximum of 6 participants.

Times - Classes are flexible; I am filling slots depending on demand. You can propose a time that is good for you, and I'll fill slots for that time up to a maximum of 6 people per class.

Please fill in my contact form to contact me to discuss joining in with classes, or give me a call on 07538 065665.

Tai Chi Resources

Tai Chi theory
Tai Chi is based on the theory of yin and yang. In fact, in Chinese Tai Chi is the name of the yin-yang symbol.

The Tai Chi symbol as we know it is very old, perhaps 1000 or more years (@12); the ideas it encapsulates are much older. The ideas of two complementary opposites making up a whole are visible in the world around us; men (yang) and women (yin), day (yang) and night (yin), sun (yang) and moon (yin), to name but a few obvious examples.

Yin and yang transform into each other, hence the dot in the centre of each. Everything waxes and wanes, grows and declines. The goal of practice (although defined essentially by the individual) is to find balance, that central pivot around which everything turns.