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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage involves a wide range of massage techniques to loosen muscles, tendons and fascia, promote circulation and ease discomfort and pain. We all carry tightness and discomfort, particularly as we get older, or if we are physically active. I practise a traditional Chinese deep tissue style of massage called Tui Na; in treatment, I take a full medical history, feel your pulse, look at your tongue (traditional diagnostic methods) then apply massage techniques and mobilisation to open up areas, relieve tightness and stagnation.

Tui Na - Deep Tissue Massage

Tui na deep tissue massage is a holistic, therapeutic, deep tissue massage based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Tui na includes a variety of techniques to promote blood flow, break up scar tissue and speed healing.

Tui na is very flexible, and I use it to resolve all sorts of problems, including those that you might seek sports massage, other styles of deep tissue massage, holistic massage or any other remedial therapeutic massage for.

Any pain or discomfort you experience is due to stagnation and imbalances in the body’s tissues; this is what we work with in Tui na. If your discomfort resides in the muscles and tendons, I use more deep tissue massage techniques to get the blood moving there; if you are experiencing more emotional stress I use more relaxing methods. When I balance out the circulation and relieve your stress, your body and mind can better deal with whatever is hampering it.

Massage Boosts Your Immune System

ITui na can be applied in a chair or on a massage couch. It is done through a light cloth, so you don’t need to remove any clothing. This gives us an even surface to apply our techniques, and means we don’t need to rub oils in to work.

I often combine Tui na and bodywork with acupuncture to enhance their effects. Tui na can be used alongside other treatments or therapies.

I have travelled to China to gain valuable experience learning from doctors practising in two hospitals in Hangzhou. Tui na is used in hospitals in China for a range of conditions, on its own and to speed recovery post-operations.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or for a free 15 minute consultation call 07538 065665.

Tui Na Video

Tui Na video - I haven't yet got a video of myself practising Tui na; this is a video of Errol Lynch, one of my Tui na teachers, carrying out a short treatment.


Deep tissue massage and/or Acupuncture:
£50 for 45 minutes - 1 hour appointment
£30 for 30-40 minutes appointment (Deep tissue massage only)

Initial appointments are usually 75-90 minutes and cost £60

Discounts: £5 Discount available to the unemployed and pensioners; further discounts are at my discretion

Cancellations: I charge 50% for cancellation the day before a treatment, and 100% for cancellation on the day of an appointment