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A method of using suction to lift muscles, to relieve strain and separate out tight muscle fibres. When muscles have been tight or strained for a long time, the waste products of muscle metabolism tend to build up: dead blood cells, carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Suction cups open and raise areas, pulling these waste products into superficial tissues, where they can be disposed of. This process relieves internal pressure and discomfort in the muscles treated. Static cupping involves placing suction cups on a specific area; sliding cupping means using oil, sliding the cups along a large area, most often used to relax back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Abdominal Massage Method

Cupping is the placing of suction cups on muscles, to draw toxins from inside tired or tight muscles to below the surface of the skin. Once in the superficial circulation it is much easier for your body to eliminate toxins. Cupping can also draw fresh, oxygenated blood into the areas that have been stagnant or stuck.

People who have received cupping often ask for it again, having found it very beneficial; it is a fantastic way of relieving tired and tight muscles.

Cupping: dry cupping and sliding cupping

Dry cupping is suction or vacuum cupping. I normally leave static cups on areas of pain for 5-10 minutes to enable them to have their full effects. There are methods for using cupping techniques to draw blood from the body; I do not practise this style of cupping.

Sliding cupping is applying oil to the area to be cupped; once the cup is applied with sufficient suction, we slide the cup up and down to lift the muscles over a wide area. It has a similar effect to static cupping, but for covering a wider area and being generally more of a moving technique.

Cupping may create marks on the skin under the area the cups are applied to. These marks can vary from pink or red, to purple or black, depending on the level of stagnation in a muscle. Cup marks normally disappear after a few days, depending on how much stagnation they have cleared; the affected area should still feel freer after the marks have gone.


Deep tissue massage and/or Acupuncture:
£45 for 45 minutes - 1 hour Appointment
£30 for 30-40 minutes Appointment (Tui Na only)

Initial appointments are usually 75-90 minutes and cost £55.

£5 Discount available to the unemployed and elderly and at my discretion

I reserve the right to charge up to the full amount for a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.