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237a Ringinglow Road,
S11 7PU
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Mon - Fri: 10AM - 8PM

My Vision

I use deep tissue massage and acupuncture to relax muscles and get rid of pain. I offer diet and exercise guidance that empowers you to control your own health.

My Philosophy

My aim is to relieve pain in any form, and to prevent pain arising; to treat, to educate and work to improve my outcomes for both. I treat pain of the body or mind using the tools provided by Chinese medicine, I show people how the pain they experience has arisen and what they can do to prevent it in future. I continue to learn and educate myself, in new techniques or in improving the ones I know, to become an ever more efficient practitioner.

My Mission

I am here to treat anyone experiencing pain (mind or body), to relieve it as far as possible, and to provide an understanding of how it arose, in order to remain as healthy as possible in the future.

Patients Come First

Effective, holistic. practical treatments that relieve pain and enable patients to be in control.


Through teaching awareness of the importance of lifestyle (primarily diet and exercise) in maintaining health and happiness.

Health Practices

Through teaching tai chi and qi gong – techniques to maintain good health into old age.